Hannah Brophy School of Dance

Dance studio based in the Upper Highway, KZN

Cecchetti Ballet & Imperial Modern Dance Theatre exam classes from 3 years old to adult and professional level.

  • Hannah Brophy Bosch

    Cecchetti  A.I.S.T.D Diploma
    Modern Theatre  A.I.S.I.T.D

Hi, I’m Hannah

I’m a registered qualified teacher in the Cecchetti Ballet method (A.I.S.T.D Diploma) and Imperial Modern Dance Theatre (A.I.S.T.D). I’ve been teaching for over 10 years and run a studio in the Upper Highway as well as extra-mural dance classes in a number of local schools. 

I started dancing at the age of five, but my true passion began when my teacher encouraged me to try ballet, as I tended to lean toward the classical side of dance. I qualified as a Cecchetti Ballet Associate from Ms Gaynor Harris’s studio in 2007 at the age of 19, and was blessed with the opportunity to take over her studio when she retired that same year. I later acquired my Modern Dance Theatre Teachers Associate and Associate Diploma in Cecchetti Ballet. I’ve performed Modern, Ballet, Spanish, and even Hip Hop numerous times in the ‘Shall We Dance’ production at the Playhouse Opera and choreographed many times since 2007 for the Cecchetti Society’s ‘Gala Performance’ at the Playhouse Drama Theatre. In 2013 I was elected Honorary Secretary of the Cecchetti Society of KZN and I still currently hold this role. As a part-time passion, I enjoy Spanish dancing with Ms Linda Vargas Flamenco Dance Studio and performed in the Vida Flamenco Show at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre in 2018.


My Dance Philosophy

I believe Ballet has a reputation for being rigid and structured, but as Martha Graham said: ‘Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.’ My studio ethos is that we work together as a family, constantly encouraging each other to work well and do our best regardless of our shape, size or talent. In my teaching, I focus on bringing out a love for the ballet dance form and I hope to create a place for each student to tap into a hidden talent or just have the chance to move to music and have fun apart from their everyday activities. With that said I believe in a good foundation of technique and discipline to bring the best out in every student. I do not make exams compulsory but I do like the studio to participate in exams at least every 2nd year to ensure that our technique remains at the highest standard. My studio puts on a show every 2nd year and every alternate year, a demonstration of the work learnt that year.


Outreach Program

Kwacuthwayo Primary School


Developing the Performing Arts in Rural Areas of KZN

My heart has always been for developing the performing arts in rural areas of KZN and so my passion has developed into helping underprivileged children who do not have access to but want to participate in the beautiful art of ballet. In 2008 I started providing FREE Ballet lessons to about 40 children annually at Kwacuthwayo Primary School in Tshelimnyama. This initiative has made a difference to approximately 400 children so far and I’m grateful to say has also been supported by P.A.C.E for the past 4 years. 

The outreach program provides the following to the Kwacuthwayo dancers:

  1. Free ballet lessons during the school term.
  2. All necessary garments and shoes (in kit form) to every participating child.
  3. All associated costs, entry fees, costumes, food and transport for International exams ‘Cecchetti and American awards’ as well as dancing shows.
  4. An annual Christmas party with gifts.

Should you wish to support this initiative in any way, please get in touch.

"Teaching a child to dance is one thing, making a child realise their dreams (even off the stage) in a happy, positive and creative environment is what Hannah achieves."

Candice Doyle

"Hannah is an active and enthusiastic committee member and Secretary of the Cecchetti Society KZN. Her students consistently achieve good pass levels in dance examinations."

Yvonne Barker

"Hannah comes highly recommended as someone who really takes our girls best interests to heart and who cares for and grow them in their ballet and also in their character."

Lorna Pauls

"The well-being of the pupil comes before the attainment of profile achievement, and her strong Christian values are clearly evident in her manner and approach to her pupils."

Lucinda Stanley

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